Raising the bar on grass circularity

Grass2Grass fully complies with the requirements of the Lansink Ladder, the international benchmark in recycling. Its yarn, backing and glue are made of polyester, a high-end raw material that can be reused multiple times in the production of new artificial turf for sports.  Hence it is the only material that contributes to the 2030 recycling goals by the EU.

This is why RSI SPORTS Group can introduce a leasing concept for artificial turf surfaces. Clubs and municipalities pay only for renting the surface, while the infrastructure remains the property of RSI SPORTS Group. Grass2Grass already complies with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as it is 100% re-usable in the same application

Contrary to degenerative materials like polypropylene and polyethylene, polyester always maintains its properties no matter the implications of being fed again to an extruder. As the market focus is shifting from cheap and lasting artificial turf to a higher quality and sustainable turf, the use of polyester as a raw material has become more viable. Providing enough stockfeed of reclaimed polyester surfaces, a Grass2Grass surface can be 100% produced from reclaimed artificial turf surfaces.

As the yarn, backing and glue are all made of the same material, all that it takes to remove the surface is to lift the carpet, remove the infill, cut the carpet in a size that can be handled, and hand it over to a recycling company. There is no need to separate different materials as all materials, can be used in the production of a new carpet.


Hockey turf

Grass2Grass has been tested in accordance with the pitch quality standards pursued by the Hockey Federation of the Netherlands. Grass2Grass met all requirements with flying colours.

It has a superior ball roll and enables players to use their 3D skills, to name a few. 

Grass2Grass is available for sand-filled, sand-dressed, semi-water and water based hockey surfaces, both as a monofilament as well as knit-de-knit yarn.

Zero-water surface

Our drive for sustainable sports infrastructure is why our R&D is currently working hard to deliver the first non-watered hockey surface for the highest level of the game based on Grass2Grass. Thanks to our partnership with the European Hockey Federation (EHF), RSI SPORTS Group always benefits from receiving feedback from the best possible players to determine how the demand for 100% recyclability is met without affecting the quality of play or safety of the players.


Football & Rugby turf

The Grass2Grass concept can also be used for long pile artificial turf and non-filled turf pitches. The material is passing  the compulsory tests for tensile strength and resistance to weathering with flying colours.

RSI SPORTS Group can deliver the carpet in various pile heights, stitch density or configurations to accommodate the infill of your liking.

The entire system is capable of handling the dimensional tension that is exercised by players playing on the grass.

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