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A floor with a personal touch
VersaCourt tiles are the lasting surface for a variety of sports. This includes basketball, tennis, football, hockey, netball or Hockey5s, to name a few. VersaCourt tiles offer a lasting and maintenance friendly solution to deliver multi-game courts in the hood, at school, at clubs as well as at home.

Tiles are finished with a special coating to provide the required anti-slip. They also comply with ball bounce and shock absorption requirements, as have been stipulated by various sports governing authorities like FIBA and the ITF. The open structure of the tiles also facilitates horizontal drainage.

The tiles are easy to install and to maintain. Installation of the floor doesn’t require any experience or heavy-duty equipment.

VersaCourt tiles are perfectly suitable for providing a lasting, low-maintenance multi-game floor at private homes, complexes or property developments. They can be finished in any colour or with markings for various sports.

All a court requires is a flat and stable subbase. In most cases, this doesn’t need any engineering or extensive preparations. The open structure of the tiles limits any noise pollution from a bouncing ball, as is often experienced with concrete flooring.

VersaCourts tiles are ideal to bring games and sports to places that were not necessarily developed for hosting sports. Think of shopping malls, public squares or parking lots. 

Tiles can be used for putting together a (sports) floor but can also be used as wall decoration.

With VersaCourt, RSI SPORTS Group offers you an option to promote your company or product through sports.

Versacourt tiles are available in any colour you prefer.

 This makes it possible to brand a court, place logo’s or glorify it with a picture that you can place on a wall.

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