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Reliable, Sustainable, Innovative.

RSI SPORTS Group continually researches and sources innovations and new developments that tie in with our vision and ambition to deliver perfect pitches for all popular sports no matter the climate, geographical or financial challenges experienced. 

The reliability and sustainability of products we use are key, yet we are not afraid of embracing and adopting ground-breaking views and proven innovations.

That is why you will see RSI SPORTS Group infrastructure at clubs and places that set the bar.

Viewing things through a different lens.

The products in the RSI SPORTS Group portfolio are unique, as they disrupt the market, challenge the status quo, and propel the owner of this reliable, sustainable and innovative sports infrastructure, to a higher level.

  • We studied grass first before developing the LED grass grow technology to accelerate and improve grass growth
  • We embraced a different raw material to develop a 100% re-usable artificial turf to answer the call for more sustainable products
  • We tested and followed the science to achieve higher comfort in our airdome at less cost
  • We helped the market by introducing a padel court that can be moved around or temporarily stored to facilitate multi-usage of space
  • We acknowledged the player’s comfort by introducing a much more forgiving, easier to handle shock pad made of recycled polypropylene
  • We responded to the demand for unique and sustainable products by offering VersaCourt tiles made from recycled polypropylene.
KRC Genk
Rhenac Sports CLS LED grass grow lighting equipment can deliver light from the Complete Light Spectrum (CLS) with pinpoint accuracy. Come see the grass grow.
Case Study
Cruijf Court - Amsterdam
Turf Panel shockpass deliver consistent safety properties to any artificial turf field.
Case Study
MMHC Voordaan
Innovative structures. A better way to build indoor facilities; cost efficient, durable, weather resistant structures, certified for your area.
Case Study
All about ultimate modular athletic sports flooring
Case Study
Hockey 5s - Better | Faster | More fun and FIH Approved
Case Study
Soho House & Co Babington
A world-unique modular padel court construction that is cost effective and easy to install.
Case Study
G2G developed the first artificial turf carpet that can be fully recycled into another artificial turf carpet of similar quality.
Case Study
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