raising the bar on sustainable airdomes

Comfortable (temporary) indoor facilities
Duol airdomes are the only airdomes in the world with an energy label, thanks to the use of a double or triple membrane. The various air pockets act as an insulating layer, thereby maintaining the indoor temperature and climate while blocking the impact of the cold wind or sun outside.

The airdome is fixed to the ground by means of a unique anchoring system that doesn’t damage the existing sports surface. In the absence of steel cables or netting, no leaves or other organic material or snow will stand a chance to build up, or, subsequently collapse the structure.

Thanks to the translucent insulation material there is no need for artificial lighting during the day. The absence of steel cables and netting also means the dome can be less pressurised, which is another energy saving. A de-stratification system distributes the temperature in the space and reduces the time needed to reach the ambient temperature.

Duol airdomes hand clubs and municipalities a quick and affordable solution to provide an indoor (sports) facility. It doesn’t require much groundwork and, once everything has been prepared, the dome is inflated or deflated with 30 minutes.

Covering an existing football field, hockey field or tennis court, to name a few, will hand members the opportunity to remain active during the winter period without having to use facilities far away. An airdome at a known facility will stimulate the bond with the existing club or school, can lead to an increase in membership and allow clubs to continue generating an income from selling food and beverages.

The dome is fitted with an array of safety features. Most importantly, it cannot collapse as snow doesn’t stand a chance to build up. The design of the dome also makes it vandal proof. Last but not least, a special monitor unit in the roof of the structure monitors weather development and counteracts by pressurising the structure in case a storm builds up. 

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