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Providing safety and drainage in one product
RSI SPORTS Turf panels provide drainage and shock absorption to artificial turf surfaces. They are easy to handle and to install and don’t require groundworks or heavy-duty equipment in the process. The panels are a method of choice in gardens or spaces where shock absorption is required but where access to the site is limited.

RSI SPORTS Group Turf panels make the installation of artificial turf (sports) surfaces at odd places possible. Think about rooftop gardens or courts, inside shopping malls or large public halls.

When used outdoors, the panels will help drain the water.

The panels are produced in Europe and are made of recycled polypropylene.



RSI SPORTS Group Turf panels have been tested and approved for use in artificial turf football, hockey and tennis surfaces. They provide the impact attenuation and shock absorption required.

Together with a 60-mm, third-generation, artificial turf surface, the RSI SPORTS Group Turf panels are also HIC-compliant. As the panels deliver an area-elasticity (contrary to the point-elasticity delivered by all other shock pads), RSI SPORTS GroupTurf panels are also easier on the joints.

High drainage capacity

The panels have a drainage capacity that exceeds that prescribed by the various sports governing authorities. When placed over an impermeable layer, the panels will help drain the water laterally. When connected to a storage facility, the entire system can help collect enough water to cool the court down during summer.

Helps with taking ownership

The modular concept makes it possible to use volunteers when installing a sports court at sites that are accessible by the general public. Using local volunteers will help get buy in from the community and have them take ownership of the site. You can rest assured that they will look after it.



RSI SPORTS Group Turf panels are easy to handle, as they measure 100 x 100 x 3 cm. The installation of the panels doesn’t require specific tools or equipment. They last a lifetime and help contractors install beautiful and lasting artificial turf surfaces in gardens at sites that are difficult to access. Instead of replacing soil or installing drainage in gardens that have difficulty handling excessive rainfalls, RSI SPORTS Group Turf panels on an impermeable layer deliver an alternative solution without having to do much groundwork.

100% sustainable

When using RSI SPORTS Group Turf panels with our Grass2Grass artificial turf, you’ll be assured that you’ll have a 100% sustainable artificial turf garden. Grass2Grass can be used multiple times in the process of producing new artificial grass.

Like Grass2Grass, RSI SPORTS Group Turf panels are produced in Europe. The turf panels are produced from recycled polypropylene.



RSI SPORTS Group Turf panels hand event organisers a comfort layer as well as a solution that will protect the grass. Thanks to the panels, the grass will still have access to water and oxygen, despite being covered for a considerable time.

Thanks to the panels, visitors to an event will always have a dry and stable surface to either stand, walk around or to dance on. The unique shock absorbing properties make RSI SPORTS Group Turf panels more forgiving to the joints.

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