League of Champions Meets Champions League

Pep Guardiola’s next visit to Santiago Bernabeu, the home ground of Real Madrid, will be a monumental experience for him and his team. Even though the season is eight months in, they will play their upcoming Champions League game on a surface that is of similar quality as what it was when the season started. Thanks to RHENAC SPORTS LED, the pitch is rejuvenated at least once a week.

The Santiago Bernabeu stadium has its own glass house where it offers its stadium field its own spa-treatment. Here, over 3000 RHENAC SPORTS LED provides the grass with the light and light intensity it needs, this to either germinate grass seeds, take root or increase the sward without increasing the frequency of mowing the surface.

Soon a special RHENAC field analyzing unit will further manage the maintenance of the surface, thereby reducing the reliance on water, electricity or even additional fertilizers to improve the field.

When Real Madrid hosts Manchester City, it will do so on a surface of exceptional quality. It will also do so on a stadium field that is flexible in use and can take a beating, before recuperating virtually overnight in order to be ready to host another event within a day.