Innovative Turf Care in Gelsenkirchen

Innovative Rasenpflege in Gelsenkirchen

As the venue for the 2024 European Football Championship, the VELTINS-Arena in Gelsenkirchen faced a special challenge. Normally, the turf is stored and maintained outside the stadium and only brought in for matches. To ensure the quality of the turf, the arena has relied for years on the fully automated lighting system from RHENAC GreenTec […]

Innovative Turf Care for the 2024 European Championship in the Veltins Arena

In June this year, the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen faced the challenge of hosting four European Championship games and eight training sessions in just 14 days. The teams that aimed to excel in Gelsenkirchen were England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Georgia and Slovakia. Benefitting from modern technology, the grass team delivered a perfect pitch.

Recycled Turf as Source Material for Turf Panel

The RSI SPORTS Group has switched to recycled artificial turf as a raw material for their Turf Panel shock pads. With a ratio of two to one, the panels make an impact on both player performance and on the heap of discarded artificial turf that is awaiting recycling.

League of Champions Meets Champions League

Pep Guardiola’s next visit to Santiago Bernabeu, the home ground of Real Madrid, will be a monumental experience for him and his team. Even though the season is eight months in, they will play their upcoming Champions League game on a surface that is of similar quality as what it was when the season started. […]

Instantpadel Delivers Another World First by Unveiling First Ever Court Flooring to Cater for Both Padel and Pickleball

Instantpadel Delivers Another World First by Unveiling First Ever Court Flooring to Cater for Both Padel and Pickleball

Our padel brand Instantpadel, which has introduced padel to some of the world’s most iconic locations.  Pickleball Performance Tile by our flooring Versacourt, will be a game-changer for multi-racket sport clubs and facilities who want to drive global growth of both sports The pioneering mobile padel court company Instantpadel has today, alongside its exclusive flooring […]

The Best Performance At Santiago Bernabeu Stadium: Grass That Grows Indoors

The Best Performance At Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Ever since the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium commissioned its high-tech underground grass grow system, the spectators haven been able to focus on the biggest drawcard of the venue: the players of Real Madrid FC showing their marvelous skills and taking on their opponents. Worrying about, or even bemoaning the state of the turf, has become history. […]

Artificial turf field of the future” installed at RKVV Dommelen

A multifunctional artificial turf field that hardly leaves a CO2 footprint, stores water, delivers consistent shock absorption, and where the artificial turf carpet will yield money when removed. RKVV Dommelen has the most modern artificial turf football field in the world and they, as well as the municipality, are proud of that. The new field […]

RSI SPORTS GROUP is delighted to have participated in the annual Charity Golf Tournament 

RSI SPORTS Group is delighted to have participated in the annual Charity Golf Tournament organized by Kiwanis Gent Artevelde at the Sint-Martens-Latem Golf Course.We are dedicated to the well-being and future of children, particularly those who are less fortunate. Through this initiative, we proudly support the Children’s Cancer Fund. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Kiwanis […]


The revolutionary Complete Light Spectrum (CLS) variable spectrum technology will be used, which is the most advanced lighting technology to guarantee the perfect state of conservation of the natural grass. RHENAC SPORTS LEDS IS MANUFACTURING A UNIQUE SYSTEM FOR THE NATURAL GRASS GROWTH LIGHTING IN THE UNDERGROUND GREENHOUSE OF THE SANTIAGO BERNABEU STADIUM. – It […]