Étude de cas – Instantpadel

Club de tennis Tennifun – Belgique Le club de tennis Tennifun à Hoegaarden, en Belgique, a récemment pris possession du premier court Instantpadel en Belgique. Le club a temporairement installé le court sur une surface de tennis en gravier existante. En raison des conditions hivernales humides typiques de la Belgique, les terrains en gravier restent […]

Casestudy – Turf Panels

Antwerp School PLAYGROUND INSTALLATION WITH THE SMALLEST POSSIBLE CO2-FOOTPRINT Using RSI SPORTS Group Turf Panels has allowed a school in Antwerp to minimise the CO2 footprint of the installation of a playground. To facilitate the many learners and intense use projected for the playground, the school decided to go for an artificial grass surface. Instead […]

Casestudy – Duol

HC Voordaan case study HOLISTIC APPROACH SOLVES MMHC VOORDAAN’S INDOOR ISSUES Legal complexities, hogwash by unscrupulous sales reps and the need to satisfy many different stakeholders can make any infrastructural project a challenge of massive proportions. It had hampered MMHC Voordaan for many years, until RSI SPORTS Group arrived at the scene. Since the start […]

Casestudy – Rhenac Sports LED

R-BL 1750 RHENAC SPORTS LED CLS R-BL-1750 at Veltins Arena Rhenac Sports LED has developed the CLS (Complete Light Spectrum) light technology and elaborated it in the fully automatic R-BL-1750 stadium turf lighting system, which is operational at FC Schalke 04’s VELTINS Arena. The R-BL-1750 provides the football turf with contactless CLS-LED lighting for grass […]